Audi R8

It is the perfect racing car, a bolide that can compete without any problems against Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren, a true supercar in all effects.

Engine 5204 cc BHP 540 0-100 km/h (seconds) 3.5 Top speed 320 km/h

Price starting from
€ 900,00
Audi RS6

It is the sports version of the A6 Station Wagon series and saying that it is sportive is an understatement. Aesthetically, it has the features of a supercar but not only, it has four seats and an excellent aerodynamics.

Engine 3993 cc BHP 605 0-100 km/h (seconds) 3.7 Top speed 250 km/h

Price starting from
€ 700,00
Audi Q8

Perfect combination of elegance, the new Q8 is the ultimate expression of design, technology and dynamics.

Vehicle Specifications Engine 2967cc BHP 286 0-100 km/h (seconds) 6.3 Top speed 245 km/h

Price starting from
€ 500,00
Audi Q7

All road cars, convenient, reliable and design in Audi style, an assurance of quality.

Engine 2967 cc BHP 218 0-100 km/h (seconds) 7.3 Top speed 216 km/h

Price starting from
€ 300,00
Audi A5 Cabriolet

It is a middle-class convertible created to compete with BMW and Mercedes, versatile and with good drive and dynamism.

Engine 1968 cc BHP 190 0-100 km/h (seconds) 8.3 Top speed 232 km/h

Price starting from
€ 250,00