Mercedes G63 AMG

The most famous and luxurious Mercedes off-road car ever made has been improved in every respect in the last version of the German House.

Engine 3982cc BHP 585 0-100 km/h (seconds) 4.5 Top speed 220 km/h

Price starting from
€ 700,00
Mercedes E Cabrio

The sedan par excellence has become a convertible: elegant and very well equipped, it is a versatile car for every occasion.

Engine 1991cc BHP 300 0-100 km/h (seconds) 6.1 Top speed 250 km/h

Price starting from
€ 400,00
Mercedes S 350

The brand's history summarized in a letter, S. In production since 1972, the Mercedes S class is all that you can wish or want from a Mercedes.

Engine 2987 cc BHP 260 0-100 km/h (seconds) 6.5 Top speed 250 km/h

Price starting from
€ 350,00
Mercedes S 500 cabrio

This is a car that has everything and it does not need affirm itself because its qualities are known. Power combined with prestige and luxury await you on board, open the roof and enjoy the world.

Engine 4663 cc BHP 455 0-100 km/h (seconds) 4.6 Top speed 250 km/h

Price starting from
€ 300,00
Mercedes E

This car has been in production since 1984 and defining it is impossible because it is the natural concept of a car that has everything you need.

Engine 1950 cc BHP 194 0-100 km/h (seconds) 7.3 Top speed 240 km/h

Price starting from
€ 300,00
Mercedes GLS

This SUV has seven seats but very often it is used for the capacity of its trunk, that can easily hold all the suitcases of an entire family.

Engine 2987 cc BHP 258 0-100 km/h (seconds) 7.8 Top speed 222 km/h

Price starting from
€ 300,00
Mercedes C-Class cabrio

This is the practicality of a sedan with the luxury of a cabriolet in a sportive design finely signed by Mercedes.

Engine 2143 cc BHP 170 0-100 km/h (seconds) 8.3 Top speed 231 km/h

Price starting from
€ 250,00
Mercedes V

As the best car for the transport of people since 1996, the year in which it was presented, the Mercedes V has been employed for business use and beyond.

Engine 2143 cc BHP 204 0-100 km/h (seconds) 9.1 Top speed 206 km/h

Price starting from
€ 200.00
Mercedes GLA

A little gritty and lively SUV perfect for long journeys and for any type of road.

Engine 2143 cc BHP 136 0-100 km/h (seconds) 9.1 Top speed 205 km/h

Price starting from
€ 150,00